The Stats

The golf practice area is available for use by all residents and their guests. It consists of a nine hole practice course , the longest hole being 304 yards.

The facility is available during daylight hours throughout the year with informal competitions taking place at weekends from April until October. The competitions are of varied formats with golfers of all abilities being more than welcome (It’s the taking part and meeting other homeowners that counts!). An entry charge of £2 is made and an informal prize giving usually takes place in the Tower Room following the competition.Those attending are asked to provide their own drinks and nibbles.

The Cowan Head course is well maintained and players are asked to uphold the etiquette that applies at most local golf clubs.

1Mac's Wall141315
2Double Trouble17231
3Glen Burn27347
4Mind the Sheep30445
5Over the Top24943
6Weir Home263411
7Beecher's Brook207413
8Opera House21539
9Alta vista 126317
10Mac's Wall141316
11Double Trouble23242
12Glen Burn23448
13Mind the Sheep23246
14Over the Top25944
15Weir Home253412
16Beecher's Brook147314
17Opera House147310
18Alta vista 116318

The Holes 1 to 9